Manifolds feed and distribute pressurized air in the process area either in field casings or without them. The outputs for the air can be switched off, so that maintenance can be safely carried out, in an unpressurised state, on the devices connected to the manifold. This device can be used in a wide range of different applications.


The SJTK manifold is for pneumatic distribution within field casings. Available as a single-sided model, it can also be fitted with extra legs or a mounting bracket for different heights (50,65,120mm). 

SJTK Manifold




The SJT is a pneumatic distribution manifold that can be used for a number of functions in field casings. Available as a single or double-sided manifold, it can also have magnetic valves fitted if required. For further details about assembly options, see brochure.

SJT Manifold




The stainless steel SJTH manifold is used for pneumatic distribution within automation and pneumatic systems. 

SJTH Manifold