Multifunction manifolds are assembly manifolds for valves used in process and machine automation. Over 200,000 multifunction manifolds ensure safe maintenance and replacement of devices in thousands of facilities in every continent.


The SMT multifunction manifold enables on-line maintenance and replacement of the devices mounted on it because the manifold is provided with individual shut-off valves. The actuator fed by the manifold can thus be serviced in a depressurized state, while overall pressure is maintained. The SMT multifunction manifold is typically used for solenoid valves, rotameters and pressure regulators. CAD models are also available - just phone us to find out more.

SMT Multifunction manifold




The SML multifunction manifold also operates in a similar way to the SMT, except the SML has additional exhaust ducts which direct air out of the casing, away from the electronic components inside the casing or cabinet.

SML Manifold




The SMTIP multifunction manifold is for group assemblies of I/P transducers. This manifold’s outputs function in a similar way to the SMT’s. 

SMTIP Manifold